Sanctuary Colorado Golf Club Wedding

Sanctuary Colorado Golf Club Wedding

Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding Portrait

This wedding portrait of a bride and groom at the Sanctuary Golf Course in Sedalia Colorado is one of my more recognizable photographs. 

For wedding photographers, there is nothing more satisfying than a stunning sunset during a fall wedding. If Maxwell and Frances' picturesque Sanctuary Golf Course Wedding in Sedalia Colorado can be summed up in one image, this would be the one. The light, the colors, France's stunning wedding gown, the flying veil and Maxwell's dapper posture is what makes this image so unique to me. 

When I photographed Maxwell and Frances' engagement session in St. Louis, the weather was less than accommodating with temperatures peaking at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the heatwave, managed to make incredible engagement photos, and we were all looking forward to seeing what we could create with the picturesque backdrop that Sanctuary Golf Club provided.  

The Sanctuary Golf Clours is located in Sedalia Colorado. 
Phone: (303) 224-2860.
Website: https://www.sanctuarygolfcourse.com

Location: 7549 N Daniels Park Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135 .

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