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That burning desire to find, trust and develop your voice as a creative will never leave. Let's work together to shift the way you practice your photography so that you develop long-lasting good habits that will ensure growth and the discovery and development of your style. Let me help you bring your presence to the photographs you create.

During this one-day intensive photography workshop, I will share with you all the tools I've developed over the years across the various genres I work in such as wedding photography, street photography and portraiture.

We will begin with the foundations of what makes a good photograph. Then we'll explore, in great depth, the following areas:

  • Seeing - Learning how to witness life from your unique, extraordinary perspective.
  • Recognizing and Creating LightExploring how to use available light and how to create light using speedlights and strobes.
  • Composition – Learning fundamental rules of composition and how to use these rules as a doorway to freedom.
  • Moments – Demystifying how to identify and capture authentic, unstaged moments that are guaranteed to resonate.
  • Workflow & Post Processing – Examining your entire process and workflow, start to finish.
  • Critique – Developing your photography through honest and thoughtful critique of photographs.
  • BONUS: Complimentary Post Workshop Mentoring Session - Let's meet again after the workshop to discuss where you are and help you grow as a photographer.

This is a full-day, immersive workshop. Breakfast and a light lunch will be provided.

A few words from a few friends...

"You don't know what you don't know." If you've never had any aspirations to better a certain skill set, then you most probably have lived this quote. However for me, after meeting Kirth in 2013, we quickly began exchanging ideas. As a creative entrepreneur, we all journey through our own discoveries, but this simple fact of life for entrepreneurs: We don't know as much as we think we know.Over these past six years, Kirth has been a profound source of knowledge, motivation, and inspiration. Kirth indeed has been one of the key reasons for my growth as a photographer and entrepreneur. By sharing ideas, thoughts, systems and pushing through uncomfortable situations, my growth as a photographer has been not only rewarding but based on a solid foundation of understanding one's limits and daring to push past them regardless of comfort. Kirth has an intensely focused perspective as an artist and an uncanny ability to seek the truth in all its forms pushing you to reciprocate and "know what you didn't know before." - Lyndah Wells

"...Then there's Kirth Bobb I call this one the blueprint. Kirth was also one of the earlier photogs I became friends with. I call him the blueprint because if you generally have questions, he got the answers. He also has been someone in my immediate circle who has navigated some uncharted territories and hence provided a blueprint for others to follow. Blueprints are very important, and you can't do if you don't know how to." - Kanayo Adibe

"Kirth, thank you for your help, advice, and support throughout the years. Knowing that I have someone to reach out to and get an honest and educated opinion keeps me at ease. Also, knowing that I can reach out in the craziest crisis, like that time in the middle of a wedding when my flash went crazy on me and you will do the research necessary to help pinpoint the issue, is priceless. Your support, knowledge, and kindness have helped me not just in my business, but as a person, as well." - Mari Harsan

"Each of you will start a journey. Some with others but most of you will start it alone. The sooner you realize that you'll get father together than alone, the quicker you will grow as a photographer. I've been blessed to collaborate with a number of amazing photographers over the years — each with their own strengths and weaknesses. We have shared ideas, techniques, and experiences. Each of us has helped make the other stronger in several ways. Never forget to pay it forward. One of the strongest bonds I've developed has been with a great friend of mine. I'd actually call him my brother. We have helped push each other not only to become better photographers but also to understand what it truly means to be free and create art. If there's anything, you take from this, leave with the understanding that you can go farther together than you can alone." - Christopher Thomas

"I am someone who firmly believes that you can only make it so far on your own. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Working with Kirth these past few years, I have seen my photography business grow tremendously. Very rarely do you have someone willing to pour into you when you are in the same field of business. You could say it's is the competitive nature of the business. Kirth demonstrates community over competition tremendously! He is always willing to make sure you have a firm grasp instead of moving on to the next thing. "What good do your words do, if they can't understand you?". I am forever grateful for the mentorship and friendship that I have built with Kirth and highly suggest this program to anyone interested." - Ashleigh Bing

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